Client Testimonials

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    This means so much to me… it also feels wonderful to go forward and now put this behind me. Thank You so much… words are not enough to say how blessed I was to meet you and have you as my Lawyer (and friend ). You and Mark were so kind, patient and understanding throughout this process. I wish you only the Best!

    - Diane M.

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    It was almost a year ago when my outlook and trust in others would forever be changed. An unfortunate situation occurred leaving me heartbroken and confused. I remember the first day I spoke to Carol and her team. They seemed more like a family to me more than anything. I felt a sense of hope and relief whenever I spoke to anyone from the The Schlitt Law Firm. Carol and her workers are so passionate about what they believe in and they truly fight for your justice. The Schlitt Law Firm is a group of individuals who are relentless and persistent yet professional and efficient. Compassionate, kind and loving. But Most importantly understanding and sympathetic. I received updates and phone calls on how I was doing. I even received a birthday card! I am very happy with our outcome. This has been such a bumpy ride but I definitely have not been alone. Carol Schlitt is truly a fighter. She gave me something to believe in. My trust and outlook on people have been restored.

    - Sabrina C.

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    I contacted the Schlitt law firm after I had a slip and fall at a Macy’s Department Store in July 2014. After having a brief consultation with Carol over the phone, I scheduled an appointment to meet with her and her team. When I got to her office I was amazed by the way they treated me like if I were a family member she and her team is extremely professional, honest, understanding ,caring, patient and most of all hard working this law firm is one of the best that I have ever seen the way they handle your case from start to finish is unbelievable and remarkable .whenever I needed to ask a question or check up on case status carol and her team was always there to answer and provide me with full details about case. This law office even provides you with a case study and assessment package with every detail pertaining to your case something that no other attorneys in NYC does I highly recommend Carol, the Schlitt law firm to hire and let represent you in whatever your case or situation may be they fight very hard for you . As of today December 2014 Carol and the Schlitt law firm has settled my case and I am very pleased they were able to get me my awards before Christmas thanks a lot Carol, the Schlitt law firm and my Buddy Mark. The Schlitt law firm the best and #1 in NY.

    - Vijay B.

  • Contact the personal injury attorneys of the Schlitt Law Firm today.
    Thank you again Carol for everything you are the best!

    - Catherine M.

  • Contact the personal injury attorneys of the Schlitt Law Firm today.
    I want to thank you so much for all that you’ve done for me. I just received the check. Thank you very much for all of your hard work that you’ve put in to get this case closed. Thank you again.

    - Sonia M.

  • Contact the personal injury attorneys of the Schlitt Law Firm today.
    Carol’s team was very easy to work with – at every step of the way, they made a point to provide details about how the case was progressing, and the status of negotiations. I was very happy to be kept in the loop, and about Carol’s effort to press for a larger settlement when we were initially confronted with resistance from the opposing insurance company. I’d definitely recommend working with her for any kind of personal injury case!

    - Josh S.

  • Dear Ms. Schlitt, Last week I walked past the sidewalk grate where I had sprained my ankle over three years ago. I realized then that an expression of my gratitude to you for all you have done on my behalf is overdue. You were at all times patient, reassuring, and probably more so, as my own initial attempts to get them merely to warm pedestrians of the hazard. Your skillful intervention not only helped achieve the latter but gave me some sense of justice. You were thorough down to the last detail such as the final small settlement with Medicare that I felt surely would be for me to complete. You may be curious as to whether the defendants learned from the incident. So, in a few days I shall email you one or two photos of the grate in its present condition. With deep appreciation and many thanks.

    - A letter from Client Marilyn H.