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Recent Slip & Fall Cases

slip and fall cases




We have handled many trip and fall and slip and fall cases in supermarkets, drug stores, department stores and convenience stores and you can see those here.

A $350,000 Settlement in Bronx Stairway Slip and Fall Case

As a Bronx woman walked down the stairs in her apartment building, she slipped, tripped and fell on some construction debris left on the stairs. The incident left the woman with a broken ankle that required surgery. The woman asked our firm to represent her in an effort to collect compensation for her injuries. We settled the case for $350,000. The settlement enabled the woman to relocate her family to Florida.

$560,000 for Slip and Fall on Staircase in the Bronx

A 13 year-old girl tripped and fell on the staircase of her Bronx apartment building because of a long-standing broken step. She fractured her tibia and fifth metatarsal. The defendant landlord refused to negotiate a settlement, so we took this case to trial. The jury deliberated for one hour before returning a verdict holding the defendant solely responsible for the incident and awarding the girl a total of $560,000 for past and future pain and suffering.

$265,000 Paid by Metro-North for Slip and Fall on Ice at the Garrison Train Station in Putnam County

A woman parked her car at the Garrison train station and walked to pay her parking fee at the pay station. What she could not see and did not expect was the black ice that covered the pay station floor. As a result of that ice, she slipped and fell, hurting her neck and shoulder. The neck injury required surgical repair at the Hospital for Special Surgery and post-operative therapy at Burke Rehabilitation Hospital. Attorney Carol Schlitt sued both Metro-North, which owns and operates the train station, and the parking lot contractor. She conducted an extensive investigation to document responsibility for snow and ice removal at the facility and in pre-trial motions attorney Schlitt won a court ruling that Metro-North bore full liability for clearing ice from the pay station. On the eve of trial, Metro-North settled the case for $265,000.

$150,000 for Slip and Fall on an Uncleared Sidewalk in the Bronx

A Bronx man visited his friend in the Woodlawn section of the Bronx. Leaving the apartment building, he slipped and fell on an uncleared walkway, suffering a bimalleolar fracture of his right ankle. An ambulance transported him to North Central Bronx Hospital, where he was treated and released. He ultimately underwent surgery on his ankle at Jacobi Hospital. Attorney Carol L. Schlitt employed eyewitness testimony and physical evidence to build a strong argument on liability and she constructed a clear and compelling case on damages. The landlord settled the case on the eve of trial for $150,000.

$135,000 for Trip and Fall over Uneven Bricks in Brooklyn

A Brooklyn woman tripped over some uneven bricks along the property line of two houses. She suffered significant injuries, including some broken bones in her face. The two property owners attempted to blame each other, with neither accepting responsibility for the incident. Attorney Carol L. Schlitt used expert testimony at trial to demonstrate that the brick work had created a trap, “an accident waiting to happen,” is how Ms. Schlitt explained it to the jury. The defendants opted to settle for $135,000 before the jury ruled on the case.

$35,000 Settlement for Suffolk County Woman Who Slipped and Fell on Ice: The Landlord “Watered” the Sidewalk in December

A woman slipped and fell on ice at a strip mall in Suffolk County when the property owner ran his sprinklers in December. In essence, he watered his sidewalks in winter. The sidewalks in and out of the businesses quickly iced over. Our client, a customer of one of the tenant stores, slipped and hurt herself on the ice. The woman broke her left distal radius and hurt her back. Slip and fall cases can be hard to prove as juries tend to blame the vicitm. In this case, we interviewed all of the store owners and learned that they had alerted the landlord to the problem with the sprinklers, but he ignored them because he was too busy Christmas shopping. The defendant settled shortly after we filed a lawsuit.

Trip and Fall on Theater Steps in Manhattan Leads to Rapid Settlement

A Long Island woman travelled to Manhattan with her husband to see a Broadway show. She expected to come home with some pleasant memories; instead, she came home with a broken finger. There was good news all around on this case: the woman’s finger healed quickly, fully and without complications and we were able to resolve the slip and fall case and get the woman a settlement in four months.

Slip and Fall on Ice in a Parking Lot Settles

A student attending class at her New York City-based university parked her car in the designated parking lot. The footing proved treacherous given the poor job a contractor had done in removing ice and snow form the parking lot. The young woman slipped on a patch of ice and fractured her right ankle. After conducting an investigation into the matter and building the case, we negotiated a pre-suit settlement for the full value of the case.

A Slip and Fall on Ice in Brooklyn Leads to a $120,000 Settlement with the City of New York

A Brooklyn man out for a walk on the Brooklyn Promenade slipped and fell on an uncleared patch of ice. The incident tore the ligaments in his left elbow and required surgery and months of intensive physical therapy to repair the damage. We worked with the man to investigate the incident and to evaluate his medical condition. We made a settlement offer to the City of New York and negotiated a settlement of $120,000.

Slip and Fall at a New York City Office Building

A woman entered the woman’s washroom on the floor near her office. She slipped and fell on a puddle formed by water leaking from the sink. An ambulance took her to Bellevue Hospital where she was diagnosed with a severe sprained ankle. She asked our firm to represent her. After conducting an investigation into the matter and building the case, we negotiated a settlement that exceeded the woman’s expectations and made her very happy.

Settlement in a Brooklyn Slip and Fall Case

On a warm September morning, a Brooklyn mother went to work as a home health aide. At one point, she left her client’s apartment to go to the pharmacy. She slipped on a gooey substance in the lobby of her client’s building and injured her knee. She retained a Bronx law firm – Krieger and Wilansky – to represent her. When they could not settle the case, they retained our firm to try the case. On the eve of trial, we settled the case for an amount that pleased the client.

Slip and Fall on a Bronx Stairway Settles

A mother went to pick her daughter up from a charter school in the Bronx. While walking down an interior stairway, she slipped on a small puddle of water, fell down several steps and injured her ankle. A trip to the emergency room at Lincoln Hospital revealed she suffered a fractured ankle (lateral malleolus). The woman asked our firm to represent her in an effort to collect compensation for her injuries. After conducting an investigation of her case and negotiating with the insurance company for the charter school, we reached a settlement. In just over four months from the date the woman retained us, we settled her case, making for a very pleased client.

$62,500 for Leg Injury Resulting from Slip and Fall Caused by Cement Dumped on a Brooklyn Sidewalk

The owner of a building and an adjacent lot had dumped excess cement on a sidewalk in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. A man tripped and fell over the pile of cement, spraining his ankle. Treatment of the ankle caused vascular damage to his leg. Attorney Carol L. Schlitt demonstrated that the building owner caused the injury, which ultimately led to the vascular problem. The defendants agreed to settle the case before going to trial for $62,500.

Settlement for Soft Tissue Injuries Resulting from Fall on Stairs Caused by Uneven Steps

A 32 year-old woman attending an opera audition was directed to take a particular stairwell. While walking down those stairs, she fell on the third step from the bottom, as the steps were uneven and in poor condition. She tumbled the remaining three steps and crashed onto the landing. She hurt her wrists, back and legs and suffered soft tissue injuries. By working with an expert in stairway design, Attorney Carol L. Schlitt proved that the stairs were not compliant with New York City building code and posed a hazard. As the case neared trial, the defense settled for $19,000.

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