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$1.25 Million for Wrongful Death in Long Island Car Accident

A Long Island man drove home from a doctor’s appointment on Route 25A but never reached his destination. A car heading in the opposite direction crossed the double yellow line and struck his car head on, instantly killing the man. The tragedy left behind his widow and two daughters. The family asked our firm to represent them and we settled the case for $1.25 million.

In this case, the other driver survived the crash and blamed our client’s husband who could no longer speak for himself. The other driver’s insurance company took a hard line in an effort to avoid and then delay payment. We conducted a rigorous investigation, working closely with the Suffolk County Police, to unearth the facts of the case and then aggressively pushed the insurance company until they agreed to pay the full policy, including an excess coverage policy.

Medical Malpractice Settlement in a Wrongful Death of a Woman Who Died in a New York City Hospital

A family approached us with a difficult case of an 82 year old woman who died while in the hospital. Other firms had turned down the case, but our investigation revealed that the treating resident had overdosed the woman with IV fluids in the middle of the night, causing lactic acidosis and death.

Medical Malpractice Settlement for Wrongful Death in a Nursing Home

A woman entered a Queens hospital with abdominal pain that required a hernia repair and small bowel resection. During surgery, she suffered a stroke. Doctors inserted a tracheotomy tube in her throat to make breathing possible. She was then transferred to a nursing home in Queens. The nursing home failed to insert properly a tracheotomy tube in the patient and then failed to monitor her condition. Those breakdowns led to the patient’s death, a fact documented by the autopsy prepared by the New York City Medical Examiner, which found that dislodgement of the tracheotomy tube as the primary cause of death. Our experienced wrongful death attorneys settled this case prior to trial.

Medical Malpractice Settlement for Wrongful Death Due to Failure to Diagnosis Colon Cancer

A man died of colon cancer and his family wanted to know why the disease had not been discovered earlier. A review of the medical records demonstrated that had the man received a timely diagnosis of the cancer, his death may have been avoided.

Medical Malpractice Settlement for Wrongful Death Due to Post-Operative Error

A 72 year-old man underwent successful heart surgery and was looking forward to going home. As he was being readied for discharge, someone pulled out the pacing wires from chest and shredded his right ventricle. The man had survived the surgery, but died due to this error.

Medical Malpractice Settlement for Wrongful Death in Failure to Monitor in a Hospital

A woman in a hospital bed got her head stuck in the side of the bed. She was unable to get her head unstuck. The hospital staff failed to monitor her condition. Had a staff person simply checked on the woman, tragedy could have been averted. Because the staff failed to monitor the patient’s status, the woman choked to death. The case settled before trial.

Medical Malpractice Settlement for Wrongful Death of Ob/Gyn Patient

A woman gave birth to a child and died a short time later. The defendant pointed to the woman’s previous drug use as a cause of the complication. We used medical records and expert testimony to demonstrate that the Ob/Gyn had failed to sew up the uterus completely after the cesarean section and that caused the fatal bleeding.

Medical Malpractice Verdict against a Psychiatrist for Wrongful Death in a Failure to Diagnose

A patient received ongoing therapy from a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist failed to diagnose that the patient was having a psychotic break. The patient jumped out the window of his of his 23rd floor apartment to his death. The patient’s family achieved a verdict against the psychiatrist.

Medical Malpractice Settlement for Wrongful Death for Improper Whipple Procedure

A man underwent a Whipple procedure (removal of the head of the pancreas), but developed a post-operative infection that killed him. Our analysis of the medical records allowed us to show that the post-operative infection constituted medical malpractice and caused the man’s death.