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Pedestrian Accidents Info & Articles

pedestrian accidents




We want to share some articles and some links on pedestrian safety and pedestrian accidents that might interest you:







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I Was Hit by a Car as a Pedestrian, What Should I Do? - If you or a loved one has been hit by a car as a pedestrian, the experience can not only be frightening, but disorienting as well.  I have helped many people who have been stuck by a car, so let me offer some advice.  First and foremost, take care of your health. I have a ...continue reading
struck by a car NY Times Article on the Trauma of Being a Pedestrian Struck by a Car - We want to pass on this moving article from the New York Times, written by Jill Abramson, about the experience of being a pedestrian struck by a car and the bond she shares with work colleagues who have suffered the same fate. On our staff, Mark was once hit by a van while crossing the ...continue reading
crosswalk Question about a Pedestrian Hit by a Car - We received an email inquiry from a pedestrian hit by a car. We thought we would share the question and answer.   Question I was a victim (pedestrian) of being hit by a car. The driver was a kid, but the car belongs to his father. I broke my leg, am missing work and may ...continue reading

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