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the schlitt law firm
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Coming Through For You

At the Schlitt Law Firm, we never forget that we work for you. We strive to deliver remarkable service and exceptional outcomes. Our service is based on two simple goals:

free lawyer consultation

  • Moving your case as fast as possible: We have developed a settlement process that emphasizes early settlement and squeezing every day out of the legal process.
  • Maximizing compensation for your case: We can tell you about our million dollar cases, but we know the most important case to you is your case and we use all our resources to maximize the money you receive for your case.


We offer a free lawyer consultation to everyone who calls us. Even if you only have a question, we would be happy to answer it.

Client Reports – What Makes Our Service Remarkable

We think it is important that you understand what we are doing to achieve these goals. We believe that what your lawyer does on your behalf should not be a black box: you should know what steps your lawyer is taking to advance your case. Keeping our core values of communication, education and responsiveness in mind, we’ve developed a set of specialized reports for our clients. Our unique set of Client Reports are bound and personalized documents (most run from 10 to 35 pages) and are full of analysis, information and educational material, all specific to you and your case. We know of no other law firm that promises to deliver such a comprehensive set of documents to their clients.

We promise six core Client Reports for all personal injury cases:

  1. Welcome Kit
  2. Case Kick Off Letter
  3. Investigative Report
  4. Case Assessment
  5. Settlement Proposal
  6. Case Closing Report

We have an additional 12 Client Reports that we deliver depending on how your case develops. These include everything from Deposition Guidelines to a Trial Report. Read more…

Key Commitments

We understand that your case is the most important case to you and we see every case we accept as an opportunity to do our best work yet.

Consider these commitments

  • We offer a free lawyer consultation to everyone who calls or emails us. We’ll be happy to answer your questions, even if you are not looking for a lawyer to represent you.
  • Every time we touch your case, we reach out to touch you: a phone call, a letter or an email, some way to make sure you know that we are working hard for you.
  • You will have one lawyer from start to finish and an entire team working for you.
  • Our entire team will know your case and stand ready to serve you, to answer any question, to take any step that will make a difference.
  • Call our office and we will do our best to help you right away.
  • If you need to speak with your attorney and he or she is unavailable, we guarantee a response from your lawyer within eight business hours.
  • We provide the expertise needed to unlock the full value of your case. We work with the leading experts in their individual fields to assemble a team of experts needed to make the most of your case.
  • We have developed a Settlement Process that emphasizes early settlement and maximum compensation.
  • Our trial preparation and work has won awards and has other attorneys hiring our attorneys to handle their cases.
  • We will do all we can to make the most of your case.

Useful Information:

  • Sample Verdicts and Settlements
    Some of the recent settlements and verdicts we've delivered for our clients.
  • Client Reports
    We long ago learned that you measure what matters. We do everything we can to deliver remarkable service.
  • New York Medical Malpractice Law Firm
    Medical malpractice cases are different from other personal injury cases and require experience and skills unique to medical malpractice law.
  • Personal Injury Cases
    Learn our approach to personal injury cases, from the initial case assessment to the final settlement.
  • Client Testimonials
    Our commitment to remarkable service and exceptional outcomes has made an impact. See what our clients are saying about The Schlitt Law Firm.
  • Client Testimonials
    Our commitment to remarkable service and exceptional outcomes has made an impact. See what our clients are saying about The Schlitt Law Firm.

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