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At the Schlitt Law Firm, we create personal connections with our clients. Carol L. Schlitt serves as the personal attorney and sees every case from beginning to end. And we have a team of people working to support each case. We are an intentionally small firm. This allows us to work closely with our clients and deliver on our promise of remarkable service.

One of our Legal Analysts, Scott Hancox, has been working with Carol on a dog bite case, a case where our client was mauled by a vicious dog that had previously attacked another person. Here, Scott shares some of his thoughts about working on this dog bite case:

Forging a Personal Connection in a Dog Bite Case

“As a recent college graduate, I knew that I wanted to work at a law firm that provides great service and a human touch before embarking for law school. With the Schlitt Law Firm, I found the perfect match. Since being hired, I have found myself fostering personal connections with our clients while assisting them in their times of need.

In particular, one story of a client being attacked by an overly aggressive dog while jogging through a nearby neighborhood touched me deeply. His injuries from the unprovoked dog attack were severe and included multiple puncture wounds and severe bruising, but beyond the physical injuries, he also suffered from mental repercussions.

As a child, I was also viciously mauled by a dog. Although my injuries were significant—particularly because of my young age—the emotional scarring that resulted from this incident has stayed with me throughout my life. Throughout my life, people have questioned why I show reticence towards dogs, or even in some cases, openly questioned my experience because the dog breed which attacked me does not have a “propensity for violence.”

These responses, although not necessarily intended to upset me, consistently invoke terrible childhood memories I have of the dog attack. To this day, shivers of fear run down my spine when someone describes a particularly large or vicious dog regardless of that animal’s propensity for unprovoked violence.

In the case of our client who was attacked, we have been able to help him through the legal process and provide an open ear and arms to him if he ever needs our human rather than legal side. Allowing this client to focus on healing his mental and physical scars, the depth of which I am fully and constantly aware of, has brought me great pleasure.

Building personal connections and helping others are of the utmost importance to the Schlitt Law Firm, and it is this quality that allows us to offer remarkable service and a personal touch to our clients. I can say truly and without hesitance that I look forward to my work every day because of how it empowers me to help others and empowers our clients to help themselves heal.”

We’re fortunate to attract top talent like Scott, but talent alone is never enough. We create an environment where each of us can connect with clients and make the extra effort for them. Let us do the same for you. If you need a personal injury or medical malpractice attorney, call us, and we’ll do our best for you too.

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