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Recent Car Accident Cases

car accident attorney



Carol Schlitt is a leading car accident attorney in New York. We have a tremendous amount of experience with these sort of cases. Here are just some of the settlements we’ve negotiated and verdicts we’ve won.


$975,000 Settlement for Passenger in a Car Accident in the Bronx

Our client was injured when the car in which he rode crashed into a dumpster left in the street. He suffered a fracture of both his fibulas, his left ankle and his left humerus, each of which required surgery.  The driver of the car admitted liability for his role in the accident, though the dumpster owner denied all responsibility. That defendant filed for summary judgment and appealed that matter to the New York State Court of Appeals, an appeal that car accident attorney Carol L. Schlitt argued and won.

At the trial, the attorney for the dumpster company tried to place all the blame on the driver of the car, but we used a combination of testimony, evidence, research into New York City Highway and Transportation regulations, and strong opening and closing arguments to prove the dumpster company liable. A jury agreed with Ms. Schlitt and held the dumpster company responsible for 75 percent of the liability, making them primarily responsible for the accident. With the verdict on liability made by the jury, Ms. Schlitt separately negotiated a settlement for damages of $975,000.


$800,000 Verdict for Car Accident Victim in the Bronx

On a bright sunny day, a Ford van heading south on the Bronx River Parkway collided with a construction truck, careened across three lanes and struck a passenger van in the right hand lane. Ms. Schlitt’s client – a passenger in the second van – suffered significant injuries to his back and neck. Ms. Schlitt proved that both the driver of the Ford Van that struck the passenger van and the construction company bore responsibility for the accident. The jury verdict awarded the client $800,000.


A Settlement for a Nassau County Car Accident

A Queens woman driving with her boyfriend pulled up to a red light in Lawrence, New York. Suddenly, a car struck them from behind, knocking the woman forward and then snapping her back against his seat. The woman went to the hospital with a headache, neck pain, right shoulder pain and low back pain. The woman retained us to represent her in an effort to collect compensation for her damages. The challenge in this case came not from proving liability – in a rear-end car crash it is easy to prove the other driver 100 percent liable – it came from winning compensation in a case with soft tissue injuries because of the need to meet the serious injury threshold of New York’s No Fault insurance law.


$225,000 Settlement in Motorcycle Accident Caused by a Police Car in the Bronx

A police car in the Bronx made a sudden left turn in front of a 19 year-old motorcyclist and crashed into his motorcycle. The impact of the crash threw the motorcyclist over the roof of the police car and he tore his ear on the police car. Attorney Schlitt assembled a team of experts to help prove the case. The City of New York pressed ahead to trial, but after hearing Attorney Schlitt’s case and her summation to the jury, the City agreed to settle the case while the jury was deliberating. The City of New York paid $225,000 for the torn earlobe.


A $95,000 Settlement for a Queens Husband and Wife Injured as Passengers in a Livery Cab

Early on a Sunday in October, a Queens woman and her husband climbed into the back seat of a car service vehicle [black livery car] for a ride to church. They never made the service. Within blocks of getting into the cab, the driver came to a four-way intersection with a traffic light. The black car entered the intersection only to be hit by a second car service vehicle. The crash left the woman with a knee injury as well as head injuries. The woman brought a lawsuit against both livery car drivers. After picking a jury to try the case, Carol Schlitt settled the case for $95,000.


A Settlement for Brooklyn Car Crash with a New York City Garbage Truck

A car pulled up to an intersection in Brooklyn where a New York City garbage truck hit them, injuring the woman driving the car and her co-worker passenger. Both people retained our firm to represent them. They had different injuries that required separate legal strategies to maximize the money each client received. We achieved a rapid settlement for the passenger’s case in December, but the City’s offer to settle the case for the Brooklyn woman driving the car was too low. Therefore, we filed a lawsuit against the City and began the legal process. Our aggressiveness with the lawsuit provided the leverage needed for the City to increase their offer by more than three times to an amount that represented a fair value for the woman’s case and we have now settled the case.


Verdict in a Bronx Traffic Circle Accident that Caused Soft Tissue Injuries

A social worker from the Bronx left a dinner at a City Island restaurant. On her way home, she entered a traffic circle. A man driving a black Mercedes Benz cut her off and the two cars collided. The car crash left the woman with neck and back injuries. The defendant refused to settle the case, so we took the matter to trial. To prevail, we had to prove the other driver’s liability and meet New York’s serious injury threshold. We won a $40,000 verdict for our client.


Rear Car Accident Crash Settlement in Suffolk County

A Suffolk County woman came to a stop at a red light on Jericho Turnpike. While waiting for the light to change, a driver crashed into her car from behind. Our client suffered back and neck injuries. The insurance company made an immediate offer to the woman, telling her that she only had soft tissue injuries and would not receive much. She rejected their offer and retained our firm to represent her and we settled the case for $45,000. What made our client so happy was that the settlement was more than five times greater than what the insurance company told her was their final offer.


Settlement in a Nassau County Car Accident Case

A Nassau County woman came to a halt at a Stop sign in Malverne. Her young daughter sat in the back seat strapped into a car seat. Suddenly, a pick-up truck rammed her car from behind. Thankfully her daughter was unharmed, but the woman suffered some neck injuries. The woman originally tried to bring a lawsuit by herself. In May, 2011, she retained me as her lawyer and I negotiated a settlement in less than five months.


A Settlement in a Rear End Car Collision on Long Island

A man from Huntington, Long Island waited in his car at a red light.  A car struck him from behind. The force of the impact drove the man forward and then snapped him back against the seat. The man went to the hospital and was discharged with lumbar and cervical pain. The case proved challenging because the insurance company did not deem the man’s injuries worthy of compensation. We developed a strategy to pursue the case through the legal system and use that as leverage to force an offer from the insurer. We settled the case for an amount that made our client happy and avoided a lengthy wait for a trial.


Car Crash in Brooklyn Leads to Settlement

A Nassau County woman drove with her grandmother for a doctor’s appointment at a Brooklyn hospital. They travelled along the Belt Parkway and signaled for the Coney Island Avenue exit. As the grandmother slowed her car because of traffic at the exit ramp, a New York City Department of Sanitation truck crashed into them from behind. The collision left the young woman with soft-tissue injuries to her neck and back. The young woman asked me to represent her and we reached a rapid settlement with the City of New York.


Carol L. Schlitt Earns $140,000 Settlement for Bronx Car Accident Case

A nurse who worked in the Bronx drove along a Westchester road. Without any warning, a mini-bus pulled off a highway and crashed into the side of her car. The impact of the car crash left the woman with neck and back injuries. While she did not suffer any broken bones, her soft-tissue injuries required extensive physical therapy and epidural and facet injections. When the case did not settle, the original firm hired Carol L. Schlitt to serve as trial counsel. During pre-trial preparations, seeing the strength of the case Ms. Schlitt prepared and knowing her reputation as a trial attorney, the insurance company settled the case for $140,000.


Settlement in a Suffolk County Car Accident Case on Straight Path in Wyandanch

A Suffolk County man was injured when another driver ran a Stop sign and crashed into his car on Straight Path in Wyandanch. While the man did not suffer any broken bones, he had significant pain in his low back, neck and abdomen. The man understood that New York is a No-Fault insurance state and it is very difficult to receive compensation for soft-tissue injuries. He asked us to represent him. In less than six months, we settled the case. The settlement enabled our client to pay for future medical bills and gave him the money to help furnish a new house he had just bought.


A Settlement for a Bronx Woman Injured in Crash with Limousine

Our client drove northbound on the New York State Thruway heading for her job at Pitney-Bowes in Stamford. She wore her seatbelt and used proper caution given the traffic and the precipitation that had fallen earlier in the morning. After passing through the Mamaroneck toll plaza and while driving in the left hand lane, she slowed for traffic in front of her. As she slowed her vehicle, a limousine struck her car from the rear. She suffered shoulder and neck injuries.   We settled the case for an amount that greatly pleased our client.


A Settlement for a Man Whose Car was Struck from Behind by a Taxi

Our client was driving a car that was stopped in traffic on Third Avenue in Manhattan. While stuck in traffic, a taxi hit his car from behind. The impact threw my client forward against the seatbelt and back against the seatback.  He suffered whiplash injuries. When the case did not settle, we proceeded to file a lawsuit and settled the case on the eve of trial.



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