150,000 Visits to Our Law Blog – Thank You

1 Nov

Over the weekend, we passed 150,000 separate visits to this blog. We now average more than 500 readers each day. That we have attracted so many readers in little more than a year has been rewarding and inspiring. We want to thank you for taking the time read this blog and we hope you find the information you sought. If not, let us know and we’ll try to address your question in a future blog article.

This blog is natural outgrowth of the law practice we continue to build. New York Law Thoughts embodies our commitment to communication and education. I’ve worked as an attorney in the personal injury field for just over 25 years now (how the years have flown past). Last year, I sat down with my husband to re-examine my law practice and to decide the best way to move forward. We decided to build a new type of law practice, one dedicated not only to excellent legal services, but focused on customer service. We compete not only with other law practices – big and small – but with companies that offer transcendent services, companies like FedEx and Disney. If you could receive world-class service from those companies, why not from your lawyer?

We don’t want to simply run a business; we want to wow our customers, to do something special in their lives. While we handle many cases, we know and remind ourselves each day that your case is the most important case in your life. We are grateful when clients trust us with their cases and we want to reward that trust by making a difference.

We started this blog as part of the commitment to communication and education. We want to share with readers information about personal injury law and medical malpractice. We want to educate readers about issues that might concern them. And we thought we could share information about our practice and cases.

We write in plain English – no legalese. We work hard to explain each topic and why it might matter to you. We pick topics that interest us, that we care about, but we also pick topics that we believe will help our readers. Some of our most read articles concern basic questions that people have about the legal process, articles such as, “What is a Deposition?” or “What Should I Wear to Court?

We want to empower people and the best way to do that is to educate people. Last year, we developed six basic deliverables that we promised to our clients – documents that explain their case or the legal process. Now, we provide over 20 educational documents to our clients, covering everything from the starting of a lawsuit to a guide when undergoing a defendant’s medical exam. We want to explain everything that happens in a case and what it means for our clients. We look for opportunities to communicate with our clients. We try to anticipate their questions. We want them to know everything that happens in their cases. And we share much of that information on this blog.

We know that most people who read this blog we will never use our service. We know that some people use our blog to guide them as they handle their own cases. We’ve heard from other lawyers who have adopted our articles for use in their own practices. That’s great. We want to spread our commitment to communication and education. If this blog changes what people expect from an attorney, that’s great. We do not believe in business as usual; we live and breathe communication and education, we put the client first and that drives every aspect of our business. If this blog helps empower a person, then we have succeeded.

We also take great satisfaction when a person calls looking for help and says he has read our blog and know we can help him. We use this blog to let people know as much as possible about the way we practice law. We are proud of what we do and work hard to fulfill our goals and serve our clients. Selecting a lawyer to represent you is an important and personal decision. If this blog helps someone make that decision, then it is a success.

Passing 150,000 visits was an important milestone, one that allowed us to pause and appreciate what we have done so far. It also provides a spur of how much more we can do. We hope you will keep reading. Bookmark this page. Send it to friends. Tap into the RSS feed.

If you have a question or a suggestion, you can post a comment or send an email and we’ll try to answer your question in a future blog article.

Thank you again.