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Settlement for a Blown Stop Sign Collision in South Huntington, NY

by The Schlitt Law Firm | Motor Vehicle Cases
Car accident with a taxi in New York

A man ignored a stop sign in South Huntington, New York and rammed into the side of a taxi. A woman who rode in the back seat of that taxi suffered neck and back injuries as a result of the … Read more

Make Your Child’s First Bus Ride to School Safe

by The Schlitt Law Firm | Bus and Subway Cases
school bus - kid getting on

Imagine that first bus ride from your child’s point of view. You’re standing at the bus stop with your Mom or Dad and they keep telling you that everything will be alright (which they only say when things may not … Read more

Settlement for a Broken Ankle from a Trip and Fall on a Stairway in Mount Vernon, New York

by The Schlitt Law Firm | Slip and Fall Blog

A woman visiting from North Carolina tripped and fell on stairs in Westchester and fractured her ankle. The stairs – just two steps – were oddly designed and had caused a previous person to fall and break an ankle. The … Read more

Enjoy Pokémon Go, but Be Safe: Injuries, Accidents and Robberies Are Real

by The Schlitt Law Firm | Personal Injury Blog
car crash from pokemon go

Pokémon Go has become all the rage for some and a mystery to others. There is no denying the phenomena: it is now the bestselling mobile app game ever and has attracted over 21 million daily users. That’s more people … Read more

8 Easy Tips to Help You Drive Safer

by The Schlitt Law Firm | Car Accidents Blog
safe driving in New York

Our cars are far safer than a generation ago, but safety on the roads still depends on what drivers do. Here are eight easy tips on how you can become a safer driver: Don’t Drive Drunk Drinking impairs your decision-making … Read more

Settlement in a Queens Car Accident Case Where a Driver Ran a Stop Sign   

by The Schlitt Law Firm | Car Accidents Blog, Motor Vehicle Cases
car accident settlement in Queens

The Schlitt Law Firm has reached a settlement in a Queens car accident case where a driver ran a stop sign. Our client suffered back, arm and shoulder injuries and sought a car accident attorney who would pay attention to … Read more

The Schlitt Law Firm Appoints Two College Interns: Michael Butler and Kiran Mathew

by The Schlitt Law Firm | Our Firm
Schlitt Law Firm Interns in Long Island New York

The Schlitt Law Firm has appointed Michael Butler of Baldwin, New York and Kiran Mathew of East Meadow to positions as summer legal interns. Mr. Butler is a rising senior at Harvard University and expects to graduate with a degree … Read more

7 Things to Remember if Pulled Over by the Police

by The Schlitt Law Firm | Motor Vehicle Cases
getting pulled over by the police in Long Island

Getting pulled over by the police in a traffic stop can be stressful. It is important to handle a traffic stop correctly so that it does not turn into something worse. Remember, a traffic stop can be just as stressful … Read more

Settlement for a Manhattan Bicyclist Injured by Road Construction

by The Schlitt Law Firm | Uncategorized
bicycle injury from pot hole in New York

Our client, a Manhattan-based musician, had just about finished a long bicycle ride, when an roadway defect caused him to get knocked off his bicycle and suffer an injury to his shoulder. Wanting an attorney who had worked with artists … Read more

Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe and Healthy at Summer Camp

by The Schlitt Law Firm | General Info
Three children in nature playing and eating together

Summer has arrived, and for many families, that means it’s time for summer camp. We cherish our memories of our summer camp experiences and love to hear our now grown children regale us with tales of their summer camp adventures. … Read more