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$225,000 Settlement for Torn Earlobe in Motorcycle Accident Caused by a Police Car in the Bronx

A police car in the Bronx made a sudden left turn in front of a 19 year-old motorcyclist and crashed into his motorcycle. The impact of the crash threw the driver of the motorcycle over the roof of the police car, ripping his ear on the lights situated on the top of the police car. Attorney Schlitt assembled a team of experts to help prove the case. The City of New York pressed ahead to trial, but after hearing Attorney Schlitt’s case and her summation to the jury, the City agreed to settle the case while the jury was deliberating. The City of New York paid $225,000 for the torn earlobe.

New York Motorcycle Accident Attorney Helps Motorcyclist Hit by Truck at Intersection in Huntington

A Long Island man was riding a motorcycle on Park Avenue in Huntington, NY when, as he approached an intersection, he was hit by a man driving a truck, sending him flying off his motorcycle. The motorcyclist retained our firm to help him recover compensation for his extensive damages, including several fractures in his right foot and ankle. The intersection is a one-way stop, with a stop sign only on the intersecting road. The truck driver attempted to make a turn onto Park Avenue from this road, but failed to yield to oncoming traffic. Therefore, our client had the right-of-way and is entitled to receive compensation for his damages.