Recent Construction Accident Cases

construction worker accident

$300,000 Settlement for Construction Site Injury in Brooklyn

A laborer at a construction site in Brooklyn tripped and fell over inappropriately stored materials on a scaffold. The incident left the man with two herniated discs and made it impossible for him to continue work a construction job. He retained Carol Schlitt, an experienced construction accident attorney, to represent him in his claim. Because the injury involved a scaffold, the client could seek damages beyond his Workersā€™ Compensation benefits. During the trial, the defense agreed to pay a settlement of $300,000.

$225,000 Settlement for Back Injury in Construction Accident in Queens

A 50 year-old Polish immigrant working as a cable installer injured himself in an unwitnessed fall from a ladder during renovation of the Queens Supreme Courthouse. The defendants argued that the accident never occurred. Attorney Carol Schlitt constructed a case based on circumstantial evidence and expert testimony. Her arguments convinced the jury, which unanimously held that the defendants violated the New York State Labor Law. After losing the verdict in the liability part of the trial, the defendants settled the case for $225,000.

$165,000 Settlement for Fracture of Small Finger in Office Accident in the Bronx

An attorney fell from a defective stepladder provided by his landlord and fractured the small finger on his non-dominant hand. Despite surgical repair, the finger had a permanent deformity. Instead of trying the case himself, the attorney hired the best trial lawyer he knew ā€“ Carol L. Schlitt, an experienced construction accident attorney. Attorney Schlitt has extensive experience with construction cases and has tried many ladder cases, which was important because a set of unique laws apply to ladder injuries. The defendants agreed to settle the matter during trial for $165,000.

Settlement for Woman Injured While Walking by Construction Site

A young woman from Connecticut was walking down a midtown street when she was hit in the head by a rock that had flown out of a nearby construction site. She suffered a significant laceration to her head and consulted with a plastic surgeon to minimize scarring. We received the case late in the process from a Connecticut law firm, so we had to file a lawsuit immediately. Ultimately, though, we were able to settle the case prior to going to trial.