the schlitt law firm
the schlitt law firm
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  • Reasons to be Thankful at the Schlitt Law Firm

My husband Mark and I have worked hard to grow the Schlitt Law Firm, yet we know that we cannot achieve success on our own. We are incredibly grateful for those who have supported us, worked with us, trusted us and otherwise helped us pursue a vision of a law firm built around our clients, a firm committed to doing remarkable things for our clients.

We are thankful for our clients. You have many lawyers from which to chose and we appreciate your confidence and trust in us. We will do everything we can to reward your faith in our firm.

We appreciate our co-workers: Susan Loucks, our Client Advocate Attorney, and Patty Moore, our Records Maven. Their dedication, creativity and sheer hard work make it possible to fulfill our promise of remarkable service. We are thankful for their willingness to join our firm and commit so whole-heartedly. And don’t forget our intern, Paul Carjaval. And thanks too for our son John Lee Cronin who every day after school handles our mail and runs errands. Working with all these folks is a great pleasure.

We are thankful for business partners for helping us pursue our mission. Jen Austin, our nurse reviewer brings a brilliance to every case that makes it possible to earn our clients the greater compensation possible. Marty Letowsky brings a lifetime of medical malpractice expertise to every med mal case. Gerry Colicci continuously demonstrates his excellence as an investigator. Every time we open the office door, we appreciate the superb design that Ascher Booth gave us for the office.

We are grateful for the many vendors who support our business and helped us set up our office and keep it running. We appreciate the team at Accessline who provide our telephone service and IMS Online for the work they do to keep our IT infrastructure humming. Mr. Jones and his Mr. Jones Cleaning Service in Huntington Station do a great job keeping our office sparkling. And thanks to our handyman Bob Davis and our painter Kevin Ryan; they do great work.

We are thankful because our clients, staff, business partners and vendors let us pursue our dream of a law firm delivering meaningful and remarkable service. We want to make a difference in our clients’ lives and these people makes difference in our lives.

Carol L. Schlitt
The Schlitt Law Firm


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